Roger’s house, “Fairweather” at Fairweather Point. ca 1940’s

Roger’s house, “Fairweather” at Fairweather Point. ca 1940’s

In 1930, George Cowan sold 234 acres of his Cowan Point property to Mrs. B. T. Rogers. She then built a home above Winnipeg Bay which she promptly renamed Fairweather Bay after her mother’s maiden name. The entire property then became known as Fairweather Bay. Later Mrs. Rogers deeded a small portion of the acreage to her son, Philip: it eventually came into the ownership of her youngest son, Forrest. Subsequently Fairweather Bay was transferred to Mrs. Roger’s daughter, Elspeth Cherniavsky and later to Elspeth’s children, Janey Gudewill and
Peter Cherniavsky.

Many of the Cowen and Roger family members assembled on a verandah after Church service. ca 1945

Many of the Cowen and Rogers family members assembled on a verandah after Church service. ca 1945

In 1975 the brother and sister decided to carve 180 acres off the Fairweather Bay land to create a strata development with 18 clustered house sites. Work began in 1976 and lots went on the market in 1978 or 1979. This development brought Hydro to the south side of Bowen Island for the first time. Until then (except for the few families who had generators) most managed with kerosene lamps, propane refrigerators, hand-propelled or gasoline washing machines, etc.

The first strata owners were: Peter and Anne Cherniavsky, Elizabeth O’Keilly, Janey Gudewill, John and Margaret Pitts, Olie Jensen, Winton and Gerry Derby, Michael and Sally Warren, Gordon and Lois McConkey, Denison and Eileen Mears, Harold and Norma Sigurdson, George and Penny Pederson, George and Anne Rush, Jack and Audrey Hetherington, Robert Ross, Bob Davies and Jim and Barbara Robinson.


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