Mission Statement

The Bowen Island Museum & Archives is committed to collecting, preserving, promoting, and presenting our vibrant and diverse history.

Organizational History

In 1967, a small group of Islanders decided they wanted to do something of lasting value for their community. With that, the Bowen Island Historians were formed. Over the next few years, they collected information on the island’s history, focusing on its people and places. With the information now gathered, they published Bowen Island 1872-1972 with the help of writer Irene Howard


By 1969, the organization was incorporated and registered as a Canadian Charitable Organization. As they continued gathering information, the collection of letters, artifacts, and photographs grew to such an extent that a museum and archives became necessary. The proceeds from the book—along with money from countless fundraisers such as bake sales and auctions—was enough to purchase the Orr property in 1974. Bowen Island Museum and Archives still remains on this property today. 

Fundraising continued through the efforts of dedicated volunteers, and a storage building was built in 1983 to house the previously-scattered artifacts. The Archives were established in 1984 with the help of a New Horizons Grant; the database programs were set up the following year. In 1996, a Casino grant made it possible to raise the building and create a museum on the first floor. With the museum established, we opened our first exhibit, “Christmas Past and Present” with historical and modern toys gathered from the community. Higgins Cabin, a permanent two-roomed exhibit, officially opened in 2000. In 2012, Bowen Island Historians legally changed their name to what it is now—Bowen Island Museum and Archives.


We have come a long way since 1967. The Museum and Archives emerged through the hard work of dedicated volunteers, united under a single desire—to keep the history of this unique community from disappearing.

Our Major Supporters

The Bowen Island Museum & Archives is grateful for the help and contribution of our major supporters.

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Bowen Island Museum and Archives Board Members 2023

Rob Forbes – President
Mike Shields – Vice-President

Gregg Simpson – Secretary
Colin Eyssen – Treasurer

Lara Silver – Director
Paul Stratford – Director

Adam Taylor – Director

If you are interested in becoming a board member, please contact us.