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History Detective

Can you follow mysterious, riddling clues on a quest throughout the museum?

If you think your detective skills are up to the task, check out our history detectives scavenger hunt kit!

Fun Facts

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What did the Lady Alexandra dump in Deep Bay?


In 1924 Deep Bay acquired its "Sandy Beach", which arrived in 1924 as the ballast of the SS Lady Alexandra.

What was the special at “The Shack”?

The Shack Burger

made of a beef patty, fried egg, bacon, fried wiener and mayo, relish and ketchup.

What is the slowest race on Bowen?

The Slug Race!

Why do we have so many foxgloves on Bowen?

James Malkin

would spread foxglove seeds, beginning in 1918, across the island wherever he would walk.

Photograph is of J.F. Malkin, his wife, and a small child behind their house at King Edward Bay. J.F. Malkin is sitting on the stump.

What famous tree was cut down creating a huge uproar in the community?

The Monkey Puzzle tree

in front of the hotel. It was cut down by the USSC in the 1950s.

What was the first major movie filmed on Bowen Island?

The Trap in 1966

in Tunstall Bay