Bowen Island: Reflections

By Edythe Anstey Hanen, Jim Kearney, and Barbara Murray
Edited by Audrey Grescoe

Published by the Bowen Island Historians 2004
9” x 11” | 160 pages | Hardcover
$40 (+ shipping – unless picked up at Bowen Island Museum & Archives location)

A magnificent book of historic photographs of Bowen Island, as seen through the lenses of amateur and professional photographers who loved the Island.

The book, four years in the making, is a sumptuous display of photographs covering Bowen’s evolution from a pioneering settlement in the 1880s to the end of the resort era in the 1950s. It taps the wonderful artistry of the major pioneer Vancouver photographers — Philip Timms, Leonard Frank, Frank Gowen—all of whom loved to come to Bowen with their cameras. Added to their work is that of Henry Freshwater, a professional photographer and seasonal resident of Bowen for over 50 years. Family photos also played their part in recording Bowen history and through the donations of many long-time Bowen residents. These too have been included to give flavour to the island’s history.

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