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The Bowen Island Archives has many textual, photographic and media documents available for use. For this reason, our archives are always open to the community and encourage all those that are interested to contact the archives if you have any questions. Some of the Bowen Island Archives resources include:

Fonds/ Textural Records:

What is a fond you say?

A fond is an archival term used to describe a collection of papers that originate from the same source. At the archives each fond is an aggregation of files and documents that we have been kindly given over the years. We take pride in ensuring their safety and more specifically the nature of their arrangement for our own interpretation. Specifically, we have a large variety of textual research documents. These documents include manuscripts, letters, diaries and memoirs originating from persons and organizations whose activities document the history and development of Bowen Island. Click for more information 

Audio Interviews:

Here at the Bowen Island Archives the staff have been working diligently on conducting a number of aural interviews with various persons from Bowen. Many of these subjects include early settlement, mining history, commercial ventures and of course the Union Steamships.  Additionally, these holdings are included in both digitized audio and transcribed documents. Click for more information

Subject files:

Research can also be conducted by subject file index. Here we have a variety of significant subjects associated with our collections that can be used to help users to discover and explore our records easily. Click for more information

Biographical Index:

Our biographical index is a comprehensive and accurate index of all notable people that have been a part of Bowen’s history. These indexes include such things as date of birth, lineages, occupations, and ownership.


More recently steps have been taken to preserve content pertaining to various neighbourhoods around Bowen. Here subject matter is organized by name and can be retrieved by simply looking up the particular neighbourhood you are interested in. Depending on the neighbourhood some documents might include maps, land claims, personal accounts and artifacts. Click for more information


Many of our current records date as far back as 1976 which include some copies of the local Bowen Island newspapers “The Undercurrent”, “Bowen Breeze”, “B.I.T.E”, “The Beacon” and other short run papers. These archived newspapers are meticulously used to track the island’s obituaries over the years and contain a lot of valuable information about how Bowen has developed over the years.

Other Records Include:

Development and Subdivisions


Municipal Studies


Schools and Community Centres

Telephone Directories

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