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Want to stroll down memory lane? Want to look for photographs of your family? Want to see what things looked like way back when? Now you can. Our photographic database, a picture chronicle of Bowen Island history from 1872 to the present, is now online. Over 6000 of our archived photographs are accessible at this time for your pleasure and as a resource for learning about the island on which you live.

Cannot find a particular photo? More are located in the Museum & Archives. Come visit to sift through thousands of additional photographs, negatives, and slides.

This new addition to our services is due to a generous grant from the Irving Barber Learning Centre at UBC allowing us to contribute our bit to the BC History Digitization Program. The focus of the program is to promote increased access to British Columbia.


Share your memories

Our archive is not possible without the thoughtful donations of islanders with memories to share. If you have photos or other items to donate, please contact us.

Type what you are looking for in the search box above, and hit enter on your keyboard, or click the button below to browse our collection of over 8000 archival photos.

Browse our Collection