Peggy Proudlock

No matter if you’d lived on Bowen for fifty years or one year, Peggy always made you feel welcome.

– Obituary for Peggy Proudlock, Bowen Island Undercurrent

Margaret “Peggy” Proudlock, raised on the Proudlock property on Grafton Road, made friends in every corner of Bowen over the course of her life. She lived on the island for most of it, working at Doc Morgan’s, the Pub, and Canadian Institute for the Blind. Later in her life she lent her time to the archives. There she drew from her lifetime of experience to fill in knowledge about Bowen’s historical people and stories.

She is best remembered for her wide personal connections rather than her involvement in Bowen’s many organizations. To her husband, three children, and many friends, she was a constant, caring presence in island life.

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