Fashionably Bowen: Island Style

This summer the Bowen Island Museum & Archives is getting fashionable with a new exhibit Fashionably Bowen: Island Style opening June 24. With this exhibit we attempt to answer the question, “do Bowen Islanders have a unique style?”

“Bathing Beauty with Parasol” i.d. #5044, circa 1920

Bowen Island lifestyle lays in-between the city rush and the island clam. Bowen Islanders dress for work and play, for leisure activities and formal events, always maintaining a “Bowen flair” with every ensemble.

On display will be items that represent Bowen’s lifestyle and community, such as the wedding dress of early Scarborough settler and Citizen of the Year Lulu Renwick, alongside a wool bathing suit commonly worn in the picnic era of the 1940s. We will also feature items from present-day fashion icons such as Angie McCullough from the Knick Knack Nook with her fascinator collection, and Sam Knowles with her denim skirt.

Stop by for our combined AGM and Opening Reception on June 24 complete with live music and refreshments. The day will kick off with the AGM from 1-2pm followed by the reception from 2-4pm.

Stay tuned for more fun and informative events throughout the summer. Fashion historian Ivan Sayer will present his talk “Wasted Efforts” on June 30 from 7-8 in the Cove Commons Annex. The museum will present a video series of fashion shows on Bowen during the 1980s with viewing parties on July 6 and 27. Additionally, guided tours of the museum will be held every Saturday from 1-2pm.

Get dressed up in your favourite Bowen attire and see how we’ve stitched together the vibrant fashion history of our community.