Fonds / Textural Records

Family Records

Adams Fonds
Agnes Naud Fonds
Albert H. Elliott Collection
Albert Wyllie Fonds
Allan Reich Fonds
Andre Chollat Fonds
Ann Ramsay Collection
Arthur family Fonds
Barb Metheral photograph and postcard collection
Barbara Hallat Collection
Barry Williams Fonds
Becker Family Fonds
Benson Fonds
Betty Bird DeRidder Photograph Collection
Biddlecombe Family Photograph Collection
Billington Family Collection
Braraten Fonds
Brewer Photograph Collection
Brian Wood Photograph Collection
Bryck Fonds
Buchanan Family Collection
Carol Robb Fonds
Carter Family Collection
Chambers Fonds
Charles Sands Fonds
Chollat Fonds
Clement & Holte Photograph Collection
Cochrane Family Collection
Collins Family Collection
Cromie Fonds
Cyril Harding Fonds
Darrell Walker Fonds
David Paul Smith Fonds
Dorman Family Fonds
Edythe Hanen Fonds
Elizabeth Gautschi Photograph Collection
Elizabeth Thompson Photograph Collection
Fitz-Gibbon Collection
Foran Family Collection
Fougberg Fonds
Frances Cannon (nee Caldwell) Fonds
Galbraith Family Fonds

Gary Knox Collection
George Paris Photograph Collection
Gerald Nordheimer Photograph Collection
Glenn Wolfe Collection
Grace Raggett Fonds
Grafton Green Fonds
Harris Fonds
Helenius Family Collection
Henry Freshwater Photograph Collection
Hindle Family Fonds
Historians Collection
Historians Guestbook Collection
Hugh Welch Fonds
Hume Family Fonds
Ian Henley Fonds
Irene Howard Collection
J. E. Lee Fonds
Janet McGinley Panoramic Picnic Photo Collection
John Rich Fonds
Karen Woodworth Photograph Collection
Kathrine and Beverley Smallman Photograph Collection
Larry Schmidt Fonds
Laurens Reid Fonds
Lawrence Fonds
Lawson Family Collection
Ledingham-McCall Photograph Collection
Leigh Family Fonds
Leslie Wolfe Photograph Collection
Lieben Collection
Linda Halverson Imperial Oil Panoramic Picnic photo
Lock Family Fonds
MacNeill Family Collection
Magee Fonds
Malkin Fonds
Mannion Family Collection
Marlene Mather Fonds
Mary Ann and Mallory Smith Fonds
McQueen Family Fonds
Meal Family Collection
Meyers-Carter/Carter Family Fonds
Michael Shields Fonds

Miller Family Collection
Nairn Knipe Fonds
Neilson Fonds
Norma Dallas Fonds
Patricia Patterson Fonds
Pauline Le Bel Fonds
Peggy Punnett Schafer Photograph Collection (Spelling
Peter Ommundsen Photograph Collection
Peter Vaisbord Collection
Proudlock Collection
R. Gerry Sear Fonds
Reich remove
Reinhardt Collection
Remembrance Day
Renee Bird Fonds
Riddell Family Collection
Riddell Realty Fonds
Rita Greenlaw Fonds
Robert Jones Fonds
Robert Prittie Fonds
Ron Woodall Collection
Ross Carter Fonds
Ross Family Fonds
Ross Hodges Fonds
Southam Fonds
Steve Lampman Photograph Collection
Stooke Fonds
Suzanne McNeil Fonds
Tanis Layzell photograph collection
Taylor Family Collection
Tennant Family Collection
Thomas A Donnelly Fonds
Tracey Lee Hearst photograph Collection
Vera Cliffe Photograph Collection
Victoria Tuningley Fonds
Walters Collection
Walters Fonds
Warren Eady Fonds
Will Husby Photograph Collection
William J. Davies Family Fonds
Wolfe Family Collection

Companies and Organizations

Arts on Bowen Collection
Bowen Bay Association Fonds
Bowen Island 16th Scouts
Bowen Island Advisory Planning Commission
Bowen Island Archives Collection
Bowen Island Archives Photograph Collection
Bowen Island Archives Photograph Collection 95-01
Bowen Island Art Workshop Collection
Bowen Island Canada Post Collection
Bowen Island Chamber of Commerce Fonds
Bowen Island Community School Collection
Bowen Island Conservancy Aerial Photograph Collection
Bowen Island Cookbook Collection
Bowen Island Disability Coalition Fonds
Bowen Island Food Resilience Society
Bowen Island Forest & Water Management Society Collection
Bowen Island Garden Club Fonds
Bowen Island Golf Association Collection
Bowen Island Heritage Preservation Association
Bowen Island Historians Fonds
Bowen Island Horse Owners & Riders Association
Bowen Island Improvement Association Fonds
Bowen Island Lifelong Learning Society Fonds
Bowen Island Memorial Garden Society Collection

Bowen Island Museum Collection
Bowen Island Music Association
Bowen Island Park and Store Use Society Collection
Bowen Island Parks and Recreation Commission Collection
Bowen Island Preschool fonds
Bowen Island Property Owners Fishing Derby Record Book
Bowen Island Public Library Collection
Bowen Island Recycling Depot Fonds
Bowen Island Rod and Gun Club Fonds
Bowen Island School Collection
Bowen Island School Reunion Fonds
Bowen Island Seniors' Housing Co-operative Collection
Bowen Island Trust Committee Fonds
Bowenian Seniors #133 SCA of BC Fonds
Bowfest Collection
Coral Louie and Reidun van Kervel's Sign Shop Collection
Cove Bay Improvement District Collection
Davies & Co. Fonds
Dee Cee Projects Limited Collection
Eagle Cliff (Bowen Island) Improvement District Collection
Elizabeth Brandson Subdivision Map Collection
Friends of the Bowen Island Library (FOBIL) Collection

Green Book: Directory of Services 1996
Island Pacific School Collection
National Parks Initiative 2011
People, Plants and Places Collection
Precipitation Record Collection
Royal Canadian Legion Branch 150 Fonds
Royal Canadian legion Branch 150, Ladies Auxiliary
Sannie Transportation Company Limited
Sealeigh Park Property Owners Association Fonds
Sealeigh Park Strata Development Corporation Fonds
Seniors Keeping Young
Short-run Newspaper Collection
Snug Cove Improvement District Fonds
St. Gerard's Catholic Mission Fonds
The Gallery Exhibition Collection
Theatre on the Isle Collection
Times - A few words about Bowen Island newspaper clippings
Tunstall Bay Community Association Collection
Undercurrent Newspaper Collection
Union Steamship Company Collection
Union Steamship Company Fonds
United Church Fonds
Voters List 1963 - 1996 Collection

Other Records Include

Video Collection
Map Collection
Audio Collection