Three goal lead: Jordan Smelker

We knew we wanted to get them a goal and give them something to cheer about.”So, about Hilary Knight: The forward is considered the best player in women’s hockey and she showed off her speed and skill early for Boston. She scored the first goal at 12:08 of the first period and added a second tally at 15:36 of the second.Three goal lead: Jordan Smelker cheap jerseys, who played her college hockey at RPI, scored with 11:03 left in the second.Make that four: Amanda Pelkey had an impressive move on a break to extend Boston’s lead to 4 0 at 8:13 of the third.Dominating the shots: Boston dominated the pace of play and hence the shots on goal. They finished with a 41 23 advantage.In the net: While she gave up four goals, Brianne McLaughlin made 37 saves from all angles to keep the Beauts in the game.Ceremonial puck drop: Manon Rhaume, the goaltender who is the only woman to play in an NHL game, dropped the ceremonial first puck as girls from area youth hockey leagues filled in the Beauts bench for the pregame ceremony.Fan support: There was no official attendance given.

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