The ridiculous pursuit

The ridiculous pursuit of a baseballs has ruined some of the fan experience in my opinion. Adults and children constantly begging for baseballs that aren’t anything special is just so foolish. Running down the aisles, etc., after the end of every inning, scrambling around for foul balls, holding them up like they just achieved something significant.

“So many people read the news on their phones and their tablets,” he said. “We will have plenty of great content, and with the new app, it’s easy to navigate and there’s just an endless amount of information at your fingertips. The depth and breadth of that content will continue to grow each week.”.

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“The committee’s decisions are non binding, meaning the board may consider candidates not presented by the committee,” Sampson told the board at its meeting. “It is your prerogative, as the board, to make that decision. It is important for us, as the the college, to remember we are just helping the board make that decision.”.

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