Take a proactive approach

Tell them that you are blowing the whistle on your employer and you may be fired for it. The idea is to build a repour, so if bad things happen, people will know the facts. Don’t loose that all important safety net.. However, as a lover of musical theatre such criticisms have not dampened my affection for The Phantom of the Opera since first seeing it. At last count I reckon over the years I’ve attended at least nine or ten live performances of the opera/musical including one in New York.Last Monday night I trotted off to the Galaxy Theatre well before the posted curtain time to stake out good seats. I’m glad I did, as there was an unbilled preshow film history of how The Phantom was put together by the original production team.

Take a proactive approach to have a say in the outcome of that process. Deep changes in you over the past few years will now direct you to a dynamic new learning curve. For the most part, 2015 stands to be a time of inspirations and aspirations to balance a more serious approach to the acquisition of knowledge with a creative and playful orientation..

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