People normally just leave me

People normally just leave me alone when I’m reading at a restaurant or bar. But nearly every time I whip out this book, I have a server or bartender ask me either what I think about the book or to tell them something interesting I’ve recently read in it. I’ve haven’t had this many people ask me what I’m reading since The Brothers Karamazov, and that was mostly because that book was so massive..

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wholesale jerseys from china Sacramento, California based StudentsFirst, one of the deep pocketed special interest groups trying to get their fingers in the education pie in Georgia, released a paean to schoolteachers during Teacher Appreciation Week about how teachers are “the most important educational component of a child’s school day.” No argument there, except this is the same group that opposed Senate Bill 346, a carefully crafted bill reducing the amount of state mandated testing by which our state’s teachers are supposed to be evaluated from 50 percent to 30 percent and thus allowing teachers to spend more time teaching students and less time teaching to a test. The legislation had the strong bipartisan support of legislators, the education community and, most importantly, schoolteachers. But not StudentsFirst wholesale jerseys from china.

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