Oker was a first year coach last spring for the John Marshall

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Oddie Elijah Oker, 22, of 2772 Rose Drive SE, made his first appearance Monday in Olmsted County District Court, where he faces one count each of first degree criminal sexual conduct cheap nfl jerseys, third degree criminal sexual conduct and first degree burglary assault.Oker was a first year coach last spring for the John Marshall High School girls lacrosse team. He’s no longer a coach or employed by the school district, said Heather Nessler, communications director.Oker also was a paraprofessional at John Adams Middle School during the 2015 16 school year, but resigned from that position in August.The criminal investigation began Saturday https://www.gradeajerseys.net/, when a Rochester police officer responded to a home for a report of a sexual assault. The woman told an investigator she’d fallen asleep on her couch early Saturday evening; when she woke up, she saw that Oker, described as “an acquaintance,” had called her eight times while she slept.The woman texted Oker, who asked if the woman would like to watch a movie; the victim said it was too late, and said she was going to bed.Sometime later, Oker came into the woman’s bedroom, took off his shoes and got into bed with her. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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