Notable successes include rapper

BS: I had a boyfriend in college who did some scenes for Kink. When he told me, it got me interested in porn. I’d never thought of doing porn and back then I was very nerdy and bookish. So I didn grow up wanting to be a bus driver. (Does anyone?) Not even in my 20s, when Big Choices loomed, did it cross my mind. Bus drivers were one notch above garbagemen.

Notable successes include rapper and record producer Dr. Dre, who was part of the founding team that sold Beats to Apple for $3 billion 2014. Actor Ashton Kutcher co founded an investment fund in 2010 that made early investments in startups such as the ride hailing service Uber, the home rental service Airbnb and the music streaming service Spotify.

Waggoner says the school staff at Evergreen and other schools in the district work hard to identify and help students who may be having issues and offer support to both students and their families. She says Everett Schools offer resources to students who may feel bullied or harassed and make it as easy as they can to report such concerns. Students who participated in today march and returned to campus are not likely to face any disciplinary action.

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Trucks with newly legal liquor entered the Metropolitan Area under the watchful eye of machine gun toting guards, looking out for possible hijackers. More than six million quarts of whiskey were cheap hats transported to the city. Thousands of cases of wines and spirits from overseas sailed into the harbor.

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