It’ll be released on hot pink vinyl in August

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Replica Bags If you’re cruising for a musical bruising then you may look no further than the band called. Named after a pretty terrible “cult” film which starred Al Pacino as an undercover cop trying to find a killer in the underground gay S scene in New York Fake Bags Replica Handbags, split their time between the Dublin and Belfast music scenes and feature members of September Girls, Logikparty, Sea Pinks and Girls Names.Their Tough Love Records debut EP features the track Safe Corridor, which has all the hallmarks of musicians versed in the darkest recesses of rock: from post punk to garage to kraut and the result is a thrilling throwback that sounds full of modern vitality. It’ll be released on hot pink vinyl in August.The North Sea AnniversaryThe North County Dublin five piece of The North Sea’s debut album is firmly rooted in the melodic indie rock of the last decade as heard on tracks like December, In Love and Drinking Alone. Replica Bags

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Replica Designer Handbags His story: Officer Patrick stopped him for speeding last December as Jason, who has brain cancer, left the hospital. He got a ticket Fake Designer Bags, but also a 30 minute conversation that, in the wake of the officer’s death, made him value the preciousness of life just a little bit more. Jason plans to be there on Wednesday, tending to the candles when the massive funeral procession bearing Patrick’s flag draped casket rolls by, escorted by hundreds of police cars. Replica Designer Handbags

Designer Fake Bags China doesn like them. No one in our region other than India likes them. And no one in our region likes India either. Still, she’s got a new Del Boy inspired camel coat even though she’s mega skint, so it’s not all bad.And finally the cat’s coming out of the alchy’s plastic bag as Lauren’s bit of eye candy Jake has a wife and it turns out it’s only Sadie from the beauty salon. You know? The one who’s a bit irrelevant and looks like a cross between Nigella Lawson and Kirstie Allsopp. See? You can never trust those beardy, leather jacketed types.Elsewhere Joey’s got his tongue rammed down Janine’s throat searching for information on Michael’s murder but we’re pretty sure he’s not going to find much down there apart from an ulcer Designer Fake Bags.

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