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Catherine Carter Room

Stroll across the lawn and into the Catherine Carter Room, on the ground floor of the Museum & Archives building. There we will present two exhibitions, one in our permanent gallery and the other gallery features a four month long summer exhibition, a remembrance day display and a Christmas/year-end exhibition.

Our permanent exhibit, “Visiting the Happy Isle, a Paradise Playground, 1900 – 1958,”                                                         explores Bowen Islands unique history as a picnic and entertainment destination.


Higgins Cabin


Higgins cabin is a permanent two-room display. Upon entering, visitors can view the collection of logger’s tools commonly used on Bowen Island, from an early wood-framed bow saw to a 1950s chainsaw.

Also on display is the history of Higgins Cabin itself, from the land that was once owned by Union Estates to its development by Bert Higgins and the eventual renovation and restoration by the Bowen Island Historians. Looking into the bedroom, visitors can see how Bert Higgins might have lived as a logger in 1948. The refrigerator and cook stove are both powered by kerosene, as was common before electricity came into general use on Bowen.

On July 6th 2013 the Higgins Cabin was dedicated to the memory of Eric Lawson. In 1997 the cottage was scheduled to be torn down when Eric recognized its value not only as a display facility, but also as a heritage building. In this way, the cabin now stands as a testament to Eric’s passion for conservation but also as a symbol of Bowen’s rich past.


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