But all the other stuff is just random basketball

The Cavs were 24 of 26 from the free throw line and topped the 110 point mark for the ninth time in 11 games.Pacers: Myles Turner has 16 points and seven rebounds. Indiana had a four game home winning streak snapped. The Pacers lost at home to Cleveland for only the second time since 2010 11.

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fake oakley sunglasses Oakley was hard as nails. She shot a cigarette out of Kaiser Wilhelm’s mouth on a dare, drank only lemonade (it was free to members of the Wild West) and was cheap, as the poor often are. She lived a long life. I get all of my points off of random baskets. It’s never like where unless you see me go to the post, then you know it’s a play for me. But all the other stuff is just random basketball.”Rose had been presented with the possibility of finishing out the season with his former coach from their days in Chicago cheap oakley sunglasses, Tom Thibodeau, where he could have flourished in a familiar system. fake oakley sunglasses

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